We supply press feeding equipment such as decoiler and servo feeder machines

Coil Handling Equipment

In addition to eccentric presses, we also produce and supply coil handling equipment. The main equipment are hydraulic and mechanical decoilers, straightener machines and servo feeders.

Most popular systems are the compact lines. Compact lines include the decoiler, straightener, servo feeder and press machines along with the suitable tooling!

Hydraulic Decoilers
Mechanical Decoilers
Coil Loading Devices
Servo Feeders

Hydraulic Decoilers

Hydraulic Decoilers with 3 to 20 ton coil capacities. Mandrel expanding system is hydraulic (automatic)

Mechanical Decoilers

Mechanical Decoilers with 500 kg to 4 ton coil capacities. Mandrel expanding system is mechanical (manual)

Straighteners / Levellers

Straightener machines are used to straighten the steel material after the decoiling operation before feeding

Servo Feeder Machines

Servo feeder machines to feed the steel sheet to the press or rollforming machine for the further operations

Cable Tray Production by Rollforming Machine

Cable Tray Production Line

to produce the cable trays with different dimensions

Highway Road Steel Barrier

Road Barrier Production Line

to produce the steel traffic barriers with rollforming process

Metal Scaffolding Rolling Line

Scaffolding Production Line

to produce scaffolding and similar profiles from steel

Solar Panel Profiles

Solar Panel Production Line

to produce the steel profiles of solar panel systems